Use Procurement Recruitment Solutions for Better Communication

Procurement Recruitment

Every industry struggles to find the best talents. It is true that some industries have a larger pool of talent. Some jobs are more rewarding and hence there is not dearth of interest among experienced or relatively inexperienced but talented people. The common challenges will persist and there isn’t much you can do about them but deal with as and when needed. One thing that companies can do is eliminate the avoidable issues that typically plague a recruitment process. Your organisation should rely on procurement recruitment solutions for better communication and this will lead you to the right candidates. Use Procurement Recruitment Solutions for Better CommunicationContinue reading

The Pros and Cons of Collaborative Supply Chain Recruitment

Supply chain recruitment cannot and should not be an isolated exercise. The sector requires collaboration. In fact, collaboration is at the foundation of the any supply chain. Hence, supply chain recruitment also needs to be a collaborative process. Multiple departments should be involved in some way or the other, so everyone is in the loop and the new recruit finds the whole process to be seamless. Everyone working in a team or as interdepartmental collaborations should be able to perform in synergy. Such a collaborative approach has its limitations too. The Pros and Cons of Collaborative Supply Chain RecruitmentContinue reading

Practice the Back & Forth Consideration of Resumes during Logistics Recruitment

Logistics recruitment is usually a long drawn process. Logistics is not an industry where you can have hundreds of people walking in for an interview in one day and you finalise immediately or even in a few days. Most logistics recruitment processes span several days, in most cases weeks. If the specific job or roles you are interviewing for are complex, then the process may span longer than a month. Any process that takes some time will have a long chain of events and the first instances are often forgotten. The same truth applies to resumes. Practice the Back & Forth Consideration of Resumes during Logistics RecruitmentContinue reading

Balance New Talents with Old School Skills during eCommerce Recruitment

Procurement Recruitment

Ecommerce is not strictly a twenty-first century industry. Online sales had made their presence felt in the late nineties. However, a lot has changed since then, and the industry relies largely on tech to exist. The infrastructural backup is the backbone, but the subsistence of the industry is powered by technology. This has led many companies to focus on new talents. Technology related skills are at the crux and hence the focus of ecommerce recruitment. Even when a company hires an inventory manager or a supply chain manager, skills related to tech find prominence and are given their due importance. Balance New Talents with Old School Skills during eCommerce RecruitmentContinue reading

Improve Off-Boarding to Boost Supply Chain Recruitment

Every company should have a referral policy. The employees are the best ambassadors when it comes to supply chain recruitment. There are companies across industries that rely largely on referrals to recruit the hundreds they need in their workforce. This is not only relevant and consequential in the unskilled labour sector but also for skilled professionals. One aspect where many companies are found lacking is the ambit of their referral policy. A referral policy should focus on the current employees but there should be some provision for former employees as well. Improve Off-Boarding to Boost Supply Chain RecruitmentContinue reading

Procurement Recruitment

Procurement Recruitment

When it comes to something like procurement recruitment, there are naturally a number of things to keep in mind. If you are looking for a company that specialises in procurement recruitment’s, it stands to reason that you want to work with the very best company possible. You want a company of considerable experience, but there are so many other elements that must be considered in a serious fashion. The benefits of procurement recruitment are numerous. However, in order to enjoy those benefits to their fullest, you are naturally going to want to find the best business available to you. Procurement RecruitmentContinue reading

Illustrate your Proposition during Supply Chain Recruitment

Procurement Recruitment

Supply chain recruitment is no longer confined to finding the right candidate and just filling a vacancy. While this remains the crux of any type of recruitment across industries, it is now imperative to have a proposition for the candidate to consider. The reason why we say proposition and not a job offer is because people are looking for more than just a salary, benefits and paid leaves. The millennial generation is not very interested in supply chain because the niche has been rather rigid in how things are done. Fortunately, ecommerce has shaken the industry from its stagnated slumber and companies are not rapidly adopting the best contemporary practices, from technology to work hours. Illustrate your Proposition during Supply Chain RecruitmentContinue reading

Supply Chain Recruitment vs. Internal Job Posting

Internal job posting is neither unheard of nor rare in supply chain management, albeit it is not as widespread and common as it is in other industries. Internal job posting, usually referred to as IJP, is a smart strategy. It helps employees to look forward to a definitive career progression. It is both motivating and rewarding. There are many types of approaches to internal job posting and the exact policy will determine its merits and demerits. Internal job posting is not without its fair share of challenges. If it was possible for every company in any industry to find the right talent within its workforce, then external hiring at middle and senior management positions would have been obsolete by now. Supply Chain Recruitment vs. Internal Job PostingContinue reading

How to Improve the Efficacy of Ecommerce Recruitment Services

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eCommerce recruitment services must be bespoke and the entire strategy for a particular company should be effective. There are some industry specific challenges that must be dealt with and it is quite daunting to predict every eventuality. However, if eCommerce recruitment services have to be effective, then a few definitive objectives must be prioritised. Here are some of these objectives that a company must focus on and also ensure are prioritised by the eCommerce recruitment services. How to Improve the Efficacy of Ecommerce Recruitment ServicesContinue reading