Practice the Back & Forth Consideration of Resumes during Logistics Recruitment

Logistics recruitment is usually a long drawn process. Logistics is not an industry where you can have hundreds of people walking in for an interview in one day and you finalise immediately or even in a few days. Most logistics recruitment processes span several days, in most cases weeks. If the specific job or roles you are interviewing for are complex, then the process may span longer than a month. Any process that takes some time will have a long chain of events and the first instances are often forgotten. The same truth applies to resumes.

The first few resumes you consider and discard may not have much relevance or they may not even be in the reckoning any more. By the time you have gone through scores of resumes and interviewed a dozen potential candidates, the first ones to be discarded or rejected outright fade into the oblivion of memory. Some companies are compelled to make hard choices in the end. A few acceptable candidates are compared and the more suited ones are hired. It should be noted that these resumes may have been turned down at the outset if other options were obvious and the company was not in any compulsion or haste to make a decision.

It is necessary to practice the back and forth consideration of resumes during logistics recruitment. This will enable recruiters to go back to the drawing board, to compare the discarded resumes and the less than ideal ones to find the best candidates. Only those profiles that outshine others should get instant prominence. Others should be clubbed together in a pile again for reconsideration. Companies often end up hiring the less deserving candidates because the better ones had their resumes rejected at the outset and the recruiting team has forgotten about them.