Questions you should ask your Procurement Recruitment Agency

You may or may not hire a procurement recruitment agency depending on your requirements and whether or not your human resources department can deal with the hiring. Most companies hire procurement recruitment agencies for there are obvious benefits. Not every human resources department is equipped with resources, time or enough staff to ensure timely recruiting. They have a lot on their plates, from payroll to appraisal, addressing various concerns of employees throughout the year and even facilitating career progression. It is unlikely a human resources manager or executive will be confined to exploring new talent pools, developing the database of job-seekers and perpetually working on an updated shortlist of job-seekers.

When you do hire a procurement recruitment agency, you must be sure they can meet all your needs. It is impractical to try and complement their presence with an in-house hiring practice. You can have a multi-pronged approach but when you would be paying for the services of an agency, they should be able to meet your needs and exceed them if required. Here are some questions you should ask your procurement recruitment agency before you appoint them.

• Check out the source of the database. There are online databases, offline databases are developed from job fairs and through a myriad of sources, there are specific applications of job-seekers on the basis of their qualification and experience, there are referrals and staffing agencies often have multiple approaches to create profiles of talented potential recruits. You need an extensive database. Whether it is a local database or contains resumes of people from around the state and perhaps beyond can be decided by you given the presence of your organisation and the scope of operations.

• Ask a staffing agency how they screen or pre-screen the job-seekers. Every applicant that gets routed to you for eventual hiring must be screened or pre-screened. Else, you would be spending a lot of time doing the screening, which should have been done already. This compels you to get into the details of the initial interview that the staffing agency must conduct, either in person or on phone. There can be email interviews as well to facilitate the first qualifying step.

• While you will talk about commissions or the retainers of the staffing agency, discuss the response to attrition. How would the staffing agency compensate if the recruits don’t stay around or if they quit for unexplained reasons in a few months. You cannot keep paying retainers or commissions when the recruitment facilitated by the staffing agency do not result in long term employment of those hired.