Supply Chain Recruitment vs. Internal Job Posting

Internal job posting is neither unheard of nor rare in supply chain management, albeit it is not as widespread and common as it is in other industries. Internal job posting, usually referred to as IJP, is a smart strategy. It helps employees to look forward to a definitive career progression. It is both motivating and rewarding. There are many types of approaches to internal job posting and the exact policy will determine its merits and demerits. Internal job posting is not without its fair share of challenges. If it was possible for every company in any industry to find the right talent within its workforce, then external hiring at middle and senior management positions would have been obsolete by now.

It should be noted that internal job posting is not a substitute for supply chain recruitment. Even if a company succeeds in finding the right candidates for appraisals and subsequent promotions, there will be a vacancy down the hierarchy that will have to be filled. There has to be an inflow of the right talents to keep filling these voids. Hence, supply chain recruitment will always remain relevant. The real question is if internal job posting is better than supply chain recruitment any or every level. The straight answer is no. Internal job posting has its limitations, just as external hiring has its own.

One of the major problems with internal job posting is the lack of change. It is possible to find dynamic leaders within the workforce and it is always wise to reward them with better job profiles and higher salaries. They would be retained and others would find their dreams realisable. The possible career progression can be a huge boost for employee morale. The lack of change or evolution is often a peril of internal job posting because the new supervisor, manager or senior executive has risen through the ranks and is an outcome of the same system that needs to be transformed. In rare instances, people do shed their training and learning to reinvent themselves and in the process end up ushering in amazing transformations of the systems within an organisation. This is easier said than done though.

A surefire way to bring about transformation is to find a relevantly experienced candidate who has actually done so in another organisation. This is only possible with supply chain recruitment or external hiring. No matter how quintessential internal job posting is, supply chain recruitment is more assuredly rewarding at a time when the industry is undergoing unprecedented transformations.